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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Neymar ex girlfriends list, meet all!

View the complete list of ex girlfriends of the new star Neymar,  FC Barcelona's striker.
Rafaela Lancellotti was the first girlfriend Neymar. The ex girlfriend accompanied the beginning of the process of fame of the player. The ex girlfriend is alike the Barbie doll.

Carol Dantas is the mother of the only son of Neymar and maintains a friendly relationship with the star. 

 Fernanda Barroso, was also one of the early Neymar's girlfriend.

The ex-Big Brother Brazil (BBB) Anamara is also on the list of the striker.

Andressa Suita, participant from another reality show in Brazil also makes up the list.
 Roberta Appratti a dancer game show in Brazil was also identified as affair of Neymar.
 There were rumors that the model Barbara Evans was with the player.
 Carol Abranches was admitted a non-serious relationship with Neymar.
 Carol Belli, also a dancer in a comedy show in Brazil (the same that Nicole Bahls), had a relationship with Neymar.

Dani Sperle, ex-wife of a brazilian actor is also on the list.
 Daniela Carvalho dated Neymar when he made ​​a cameo in the teen sitcom.
 The brazilian novel actress Fernanda Paes Leme, was also a victim of the Barcelona star.
 Nicole Bahls a dancer comedy show in Brazil, told for a newspaper that was datting with Neymar five times.
 The model Patricia Jordane was also identified as an affair of the player.
  The ex-Big Brother Brazil (BBB) Priscila Pires is also on the list of the striker.
The Muse of brazilian team EC Bahia, Rianne Ferreira also been in contact with Neymar.

And finally, the current girlfriend of Neymar. The Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, which was present at the presentation of the player to Barcelona at the Camp Nou.





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